Wax Melts

We want you to be able to use and enjoy your wax melts and candles immediately upon receipt therefore we continually work behind the scenes and only upload items when they are fully set up. They will be properly cured and ready to use when they reach you. All our wax melts and candles are performance tested. If they don't make the standards we have set, they don't make it onto the shelf! We are fully insured, CLP compliant and work closely with trading standards.


Although the website is constantly being updated with new scents, we fully restock on the 1st of every month, therefore visiting at the beginning of the month will give you a better chance of finding what you're looking for. We have listened to your feedback and agree that it is much better to order any item that is listed without the hassle of the dash to the checkout on re-stock days.

Although there are usually plenty of wax melts in stock (we tend to stock up regularly) it is usual to replenish as soon as a scent becomes unavailable. Wax is immediately made up and properly cured before it goes out to sale.

Scent Descriptions can be found alongside each scent and on the Scent List page.

The search bar is a wonderful tool if you are looking for a certain scent but unsure which category it's in.


When we first started out in 2014, we primarily made candles, it was very time-consuming (and very expensive) making sure everything was tested, safe, burned properly and slowly and had a great scent throw. They took almost a year to perfect but the wax melts soon took over, probably because they are stronger, cleaner and are far better value for home fragrancing. We do still make candles and there is a section of what we do right here on this website.

Reed Diffusers

We are always testing a variety of Reed Diffusers. These too have been very popular in the past. We recently launched a Car Diffuser, they work wonderfully and look rather pretty too. We currently have many scents on test. Again, they will not go out to sale until they have been perfected.

Just a little bit about us now.....

Made to Melt is in it's sixth year now and we continue to add new products and scents. You might have noticed we are a little bit of a perfectionist. We are driven by a passion for fine fragrances and believe a home should smell fabulous. Fragrance junkies! We're a little bit addicted to fragrance oils and carry just under 200 scents (at the last count) that are permanently in stock. This number does not include any trial or limited scents.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our products. Feedback and excellent customer service is extremely important to us. We urge you to contact us if you feel we can improve.


A massive thank you for helping us grow